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Warehouse Automation

A Smart Approach to Warehouse Automation in Lafayette, LA

A fully automated warehouse helps you serve more customers without adding more employees. In addition to controlling inventory costs, our warehouse automation in Lafayette, LA, streamlines the picking/packing and cycle count processes. That's why Consul-tech's system is such a great choice.

By using wireless handheld devices and barcoded bin locations for products, your warehouse personnel will be able to pick more orders per day as the system guides them through the warehouse in the most efficient way. Fulfillment accuracy dramatically improves - lowering the cost of return authorizations and ensuring your customers are satisfied with every order.

Our business process automation solutions support the precision movement of goods from your vendors to your customers and between your warehouses. They will streamline and shorten your pick, pack, and ship processes, simplifying many processes, including receipts, returns, and transfers using handheld scanners. Now, you can extend inventory and provide effective warehouse management to employees at your warehouse floor, while simultaneously updating your back-office financial management system in real-time.