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NWA Software

Statistical Process Control Software from NWA

Northwest Analytical (NWA) is the world's leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software. Consul-tech is proud to offer software solutions from NWA that allow manufacturers and laboratories to better monitor, control, and improve their processes. In more than 20 years of serving leading manufacturers, NWA has proven that SPC software can be effective rather than difficult.

NWA software is internationally recognized for its power, ease-of-use, and tight integration with manufacturing information systems. Get up and running faster, enjoy a quick return on your investment, and deliver results sooner with this straightforward SPC software.

This software suite covers your entire operation, including manufacturing, laboratories, and process engineering, as well as quality assurance and management. You can implement a dedicated SPC database or add one to existing quality, laboratory, or manufacturing databases. This high level of flexibility makes NWA the most scalable, adaptable, and database-independent SPC software available.