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Manufacturing Solutions in Lafayette, LA

Manufacturers face an extremely competitive business environment. Globalization and the productivity enhancements afforded by new technologies and processes have raised customer expectations for on-time delivery of products and attractive pricing. Fortunately, Consul-tech is here to help, through innovative manufacturing solutions in Lafayette, LA.

Take advantage of our automated systems to increase your control over all aspects of your manufacturing process. This includes planning and scheduling, quality control, regulatory control, and inventory management, as well as formulation and warehouse automation.

Whether your company is engaged in manufacturing and assembling unit goods (discrete manufacturing), converting raw materials into formulated products (process manufacturing) or mixed-mode manufacturing, our solutions will enable you to take control of production, lower costs, and enhance operations. Advanced planning and scheduling solutions help you optimize the use of machines, labor, and tools for greater production. You'll automate:

  • Light Manufacturing/Advanced Kitting
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Estimating
  • Engineering Management
  • Product Configuration
  • Shop Floor Control
  • And More

For process manufacturers, our specialized manufacturing automation systems streamline processing from formulation to production and the printing of labels and MSDS. Flexible measurement and batch sizing capabilities ensure you minimize waste and maximize profitability. We also assist with formulation products; our Sage PFW ERP solution was designed from the ground up to meet the exclusive needs of process manufacturing.

Robotic machinery and manufacturing solutions in Lafayette, LA.