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Liaison CRM

Maximize Efficiency with Liaison CRM and Messenger

Consul-tech connects you with Liaison CRM, a customer relationship management solution that seamlessly integrates into Sage PFW. This gives your company real-time information from Platinum. Liaison has a proven record and offers the following benefits:

  • Pull up customer's billing and payment history with opening up Sage PFW.
  • View customer profiles with data from Sage PFW with one mouse click.
  • Look up open orders including line item detail without going into Sage PFW.
  • Generate real-time aging reports.
  • Review sales history by product.
  • Streamline your credit and collection procedures.


Liaison Messenger offers batch faxing and email forms from Sage PFW, Sage MAS 90, and Sage MAS 200. This cutting-edge forms sever enables you to fax, email, route, and digitally archive your business forms without having to purchase expensive pre-printed ones. Distribute past due invoices according to your customer's preference for email, fax, or print, and automate their distribution along with customer statements.