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Inventory Control

Fully Customized Inventory Control Services in Lafayette, LA

Consul-tech is here to provide the inventory control services in Lafayette, LA, that your business needs. Controlling inventory costs provides your business with a competitive edge. It enables you to know that you have the right raw materials in stock for just-in-time manufacturing while avoiding the costs associated with buying and storing more inventory than you need.

On the distribution side of your business, tight inventory tracking and control helps you plan production schedules and ensure that your customers will enjoy on-time delivery of their orders. If your company has more than one warehouse, centralizing your inventory can improve cash flow and strengthen purchasing power.

Our effective inventory management solutions enable you to optimize your stock levels for smooth production operations with greater cost efficiency. Improve customer service by delivering products on time. Enable your sales representatives and customer service representatives to inform customers of what's in stock instantly, without calling the warehouse. Increase opportunities with our CRM solutions to upsell and cross-sell products and analyze stock levels to identify trends among products, then plan promotions to maximize your profits.

A Word from One of Our Clients

"The system tracks every inventory transaction with each of our 3,000 items, keeping a running record of stock on hand. This is essential, because we might buy raw materials in 100-pound shipments, but only pull out three pounds at a time...Having accurate, up-to-date inventory information allows us to do better production scheduling."

- Larry Modene

MIS Manager, Lasco Foods, Inc.