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Financial Management

Simplified Financial Management in Lafayette, LA

There is a lot of risks involved when it comes to planning your company’s long-term strategy. Making sound decisions requires access to accurate, easy-to-obtain information about the state of your business. The problem? This information isn’t always the most user-friendly. 

CONSUL-TECH Management, Inc. wants to give you back the power to build your company’s future without having to wade through countless numbers. That is why we have simplified the financial management in Lafayette, LA, process throughout our effective business process automation system.

Designed for the special needs of manufacturers, our financial management solutions integrate seamlessly with distribution and manufacturing modules, as well as payroll, HR, CRM, and more. If you are a mid-sized business looking for a powerful, scalable, flexible, and affordable way to generate substantial, accurate financial reports, then our operations consultant is the solution for you.

You'll quickly generate robust, accurate financial reports and benefit from at-a-glance business intelligence with detailed drill-down for more in-depth analysis. Areas of focus for our inventory control services include:

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Quality Control and Regulatory
  • Sales and Marketing/Customer Relationship Management

A Foundation for the Future

The more insight you have into your business, the better you will be able to guide your company to new levels of success. With our management and consulting services, you are able to understand the successes and weaknesses of your company better so you can make the necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction as well as your bottom-line. 

Reach out to us to learn about how our solutions enable you to:

Colleagues Talking
  • Give Sales Reps Better Access to Necessary Customer Information
  • Analyze Your Sales Pipeline from Incoming Leads to Close Ratios
  • Determine Your Most Successful Marketing Tactics
  • Calculate the Return on Marketing Investments
  • Provide Your Customer Support Team with Instant, Real-Time Order and Inventory Information